Well hello, Concrete5

I’m always on the lookout for the magic content management system. You know, the one that’s light and speedy, allows design freedom, handles tons of content, low maintenance AND is easy to update. Hah! Right now I’m playing with a demo site for Concrete5. C5 was one of first (possibly even THE first) self-hosted CMS […]

Screenshot of New responsive site for the Grand Avenue Ale House.

Responsive refresh for Grand Avenue Ale House

I recently redid the Grand’s website to make it mobile friendly. I made the first site in 2012, but the menu hasn’t changed much since then so I was able to keep the same content. I replaced the old home page images with truly beautiful photos by photographer and fellow Grand customer Jen Martin. They […]


Scout Mega Composition Notebooks: the answer for writing on the run?

I have tried a million ways to keep myself organized. Various calendar, note and to-do apps have been tried out, but I feel most on top of things when I use a paper notebook. I use Mead composition books to write down random ideas, plan imaginary business ventures, weigh pros and cons, and make lists […]


Bellingham on Tap to be a print rag

Big news! Bellingham on Tap will launch in October as a free monthly magazine. We’ll have a full happy hour and bar special calendar along with local events coverage, sex advice, drink recipes, bar reviews, and similar tomfoolery. I’m working with a great crew of contributors and it’s going to be super rad. I’m going […]

Bellingham on Tap

I’ve been working on a new project just for fun. It’s a guide to local happy hours and bar specials. I’m still gathering information, and there are some kinks to be worked out in getting the Weaver theme to generate a useful mobile site. Having just entered the 21st century with my first smartphone a […]